Remodeling Jagdpanzer E 100 «Jager»

Remodeling STB-1 «Winter Lotus»

“Koshigatana” — “The dawn is especially beautiful today. A white creeping haze is trying to hide the rising sun, hide it from the eyes, blur its silhouette. But I know that the higher the sun’s disk rises, the brighter it will become. The more majestic its radiance will be. Up there, where there is no longer any haze, the sun will appear to me in all its splendor. That’s exactly how it rose above the horizon thousands of years before me. It will also rise thousands of years after. My father always said: “Greet every day and be thankful that it gives you another opportunity to see the dawn. The sun is our symbol: it is on our flags, it was on your grandfather’s hachimaki on his last flight. It goes along with the history of our country. With the history of our family. Show him your good deeds today and try to live until tomorrow to meet the dawn again.”Siren. It’s time.”

Animated remodeling Maus «Landkreuzer»

In this remodeling, the animation of anti-aircraft gun shots on the tower is implemented, as well as the corresponding sound is added.

Remodeling «Progetto 65 HD»

Remodeling M48 Patton «Augmented»

Author: Adamantium

Remodeling «Strv K HD»

Remodeling «Kranvagn HD»

Remodeling Object 907 «Basalt» + «Burnout»

3d-style «Burnout» replaces legendary camouflage. Lesta – Android & PC. WG – PC ONLY! It won’t work for mobile devices.

Remodeling Bat.-Chatillon 25 t “Foudre”

«Foudre» —«It looked like some kind of joke until I got inside. Are they serious? Putting almost an entire power plant in a steel box? It’s like a transformer box! They always write warnings on them, and then — get inside with the whole crew, fight. But no, they still found the opportunity to use carbolite and rubber to insulate everything. Thank you, they took that into account. That’s just that no one thought to make normal ventilation, and now, if we don’t get burned by our own lightning, then we will definitely cook in this wild heat and stuffiness. I just recently fought for Bir Hakame, I just forgot this terrible heat – but no. I left Africa, but she found me again».

Remodeling «IS-8 HD»

The mod is intended only for the LESTA GAMES client

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