Old hangar

The first one hangar from the game with some new sounds

Hangar «‎Halloween 2014/2015»

Ангар стал доступен благодаря: F_U_B_A_R_. Со-автор drnkwtr

Remodeling Bat.-Chatillon 25 t “Foudre”

«Foudre» —«It looked like some kind of joke until I got inside. Are they serious? Putting almost an entire power plant in a steel box? It’s like a transformer box! They always write warnings on them, and then — get inside with the whole crew, fight. But no, they still found the opportunity to use carbolite and rubber to insulate everything. Thank you, they took that into account. That’s just that no one thought to make normal ventilation, and now, if we don’t get burned by our own lightning, then we will definitely cook in this wild heat and stuffiness. I just recently fought for Bir Hakame, I just forgot this terrible heat – but no. I left Africa, but she found me again».

[11.0 LESTA / 11.1 WG] Modpack BB

— I am glad to present to you my modpack, created more than a year ago! On a PC, the installation is performed by a special automatic installer. It includes the following modifications: — Crew voice acting, sounds of shots, hits, reloading, loading music into battle, button pressing sounds and other sound effects from Big Brother (World of Tanks)— Changed the interface in battle (moved the interface from BB)— Changed hangar icons from V_Solflare— Custom hangar and battle effects— Changed flags— Repeat Mod— Lighting lamp from BB— Loading screens in the game— 2 sets of sights from BB on PC— Loading screens from BB— Minimalistic hangar to choose from— Circles of light on the minimap — ATTENTION! Mod pack for ANDROID and PC is different! Some mods work only when sewn into the APK. This cannot be implemented for automatic installation!— ATTENTION TO THOSE WHO DO NOT TRUST THE INSTALLER! Just don’t download it and don’t open it. So far, no 1 person has proven that I am allegedly “spreading Trojans”. The reasons for such a reaction of antivirus programs are the lack of a signature and the application. I don’t have the money to pay for the signature every month!— THE BUILD IS TEMPORARILY NOT AVAILABLE ON ANDROID!!!

Restyling «Cloudy Castilla»

The design of this map has been changed from bright and sunny to dim and cloudy. The lighting, some visual effects and the weather have been changed. It’s raining on the map right now. Added effects:– Rain particles on high graphics.– Lightning flashes behind the map.– Dust from gusts of wind.– Visual effects of water.

Remodeling «E-100 with Maus’s turret»

Many people know this mod from one of Zlobin’s videos. To save time for the E-100, it was decided not to develop a new turret, but to use the Krupp turret, originally designed for the Mouse, and install a 150-mm cannon with a 75-mm cannon in it.

Hangar «Halloween 2016»

There is no platoon hangar. Co-author: drnkwtr

Restyling of the Alpenstadt “Horrorstadt” map

A fully restored and redesigned version of the Horrorstadt map. Particles, lighting, all visual effects are restored on the map, the atmosphere and the location of objects are preserved as on the original map. From what can be singled out separately:– Added lighting sources.– It is possible to destroy the added objects.– Environment effect, fireflies are flying on the map.– Added additional details. (New objects)

IGR Hangar | Hangar in the cave

Transferred and recreated in Wot hangar from BB in the cave. There are no special clickable components in the hangar, but lighting, particles and some visual effects have been restored. The hangar was created jointly with XomKa.

Hangar «Middleburg»

The hangar is in a very good place on the map of Middleburg. Perhaps in the future it will be supplemented or somehow changed… — A platoon hangar has been added.

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