Anime-hangar «Ahegao»

Возвращение легендарного ангара «Ахегао»

Body kit «Grogu»

Mod replaces the body kit «pumpkin»

New hit sprites (decals)

New piercing effects, which were made entirely by hand, are aimed at creating a “WOW” effect. Missed projectiles, hot metal will not give you advantages in battle, but will definitely add new colors to what is happening WotBlitz.

Remodeling «E 75 HD»

German heavy tank of the ninth level, has excellent frontal armor. He feels confident both in defense and on the edge of attack. In 1945, the E 75 was supposed to become the main German heavy tank, replacing the Tiger II, but work on the tank did not go beyond the preliminary design stage.

Ремоделинг «Leopard1»

Немецкий танк из игрового события Мирный 13. Теперь Леопард доступен и на телефоны! Со-автор: Yuji. Ссылка на сообщество автора:

[*] Remodeling «Marengo» [Bat.-Chatillon 25t]

“From the diary of the driver of the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t, a tank named by the crew in honor of Napoleon Bonaparte’s favorite horse: “How ironic. And it seems that our “Arab stallion” returned home, but we are just guests here. And whether WE will return home is just for our faithful Marengo to decide. I hope he doesn’t decide to stay here forever. How I want to see beautiful France again…”

[*] Remodeling «Frettchen» [Rhm.-Borsig Waffentrager]

 „What is this? Some kind of joke? I always thought such things were fictional and only ever existed in the works of Mary Shelley. But no, right now I’m watching them unload THIS… THIS… THING from the platform. It seems Herr Oberst assembled this beast from his old Opel Blitz… For whom? Speak louder, I can’t understand a single word you’re saying! There’s an awful clanging noise. Ah, for Börkhoff? No, he hasn’t arrived yet. I’m sure the old man’s going to be overjoyed to receive this vehicle as a reinforcement for his Fallschirmjäger guys. I suppose your package moves much faster than infantry, right? On the other hand, the gun looks impressive, so long as it doesn’t blow up right after the first shot. Oh, I’m being called. I’ve got to go. Just between us, my Pz. IV could go up against anything three years ago. But now we’ve got a pile of roofing steel over a car engine that I’m somehow supposed to win a war with… Well, maybe I’ll get lucky and see you again. Macht’s gut!”

[*] Remodeling «Sehmen» [Object 140]

Again, this sand, endless sand everywhere, and on the armor – at least fry an egg. I am no longer afraid of ambushes and minefields, but of this damned sun – it will soon finish me off. Ahmad, our guide, says that we were still lucky with the weather. And “unlucky” then – how is it? Fortunately, the equipment still endures, starts up regularly and does not boil, although we probably change air filters more often than we fill in fuel. Yes, this beast seems to work only on filters. Well, at least it was possible to profitably give up ATGMs on a seemingly high-quality woven carpet and a couple of barrels of drinking water, all the same, they are of no use here. Okay, let’s get together! It’s time for work. Galanin, start the engine. Let’s try to survive another day.

[*] Remodeling «Igelschnäuzchen» [Grille 15]

On a heavily burned piece of paper found in the enormous bullet chute, the following words can be barely read: ‘That’s an order. The commander’s decision is as quick and irreversible as a shot or the sound of a bolt in a weapon. An order instantly turns you into a precise and perfect weapon with a specific purpose and clear instructions. The order takes all responsibility off of you. Dear Elzo, we will obey the order and we will return home. I promise you this.”

[*] Remodeling «Invincible» [E-100]

Not for weak devices. Very heavy model.

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