[*] [18+] Body kit «Dildo»

Replaces body-kit “Jack’s pumpkin”

Animated body-kit «Miku»

Body kit «Dancing banana»

Remodeling GSOR 1008 «PolarStar»

Remodeling «KV-5»

Remodeling SU-130PM «Altai Fox»

Remodeling M41D «Speed Freak»

Remodeling LTTB «Max’s interceptor»

Remodeling WZ-114 «Tiger Claw»

«The best defense is attack? You fools! After completing thousands of “grueling” training exercises in your famous monastery, you have learned how to attack the enemy, but you have not learned the most important thing. Initiatives! It is it who ensures victory. You go into battle over and over again, use the same moves, and believe that you have mastered a style. Absurd. I repelled your every attack before you even thought about it. I can still see fear and respect in your eyes for the Tiger’s Claw. The initiative should be your favorite tactic, perfected. You have to act in advance and fight the force with force: counterattacks, swings, dodges and continuous, I repeat, CONTINUOUS THRESHOLD on the opponent. For eight hundred years I have been looking for a master who would match me, but I do not see him among you … »

Remodeling Lansen C «Wolves of Odin»

Geri and Freki – In Norse mythology, Geri and Freki are two wolves that accompany the god Odin. In Old Norse, Geri means “greedy” and Freki means “gluttonous”.Wolves-companions of Odin are mentioned in the literary monuments of Scandinavia of the XIII century – the Elder and Younger Edda, as well as in skaldic poetry. In the “Speech of Grimnir” (one of the sagas of the Elder Edda), verse 19, it is said that Odin eats only wine, and all the rest of the food that is on his table, he throws to two wolves lying at his feet.

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