[*] Remodeling «Igelschnäuzchen» [Grille 15]

Мододел ForBlitz

This mod is only for Desktop! It will not work on mobile devices!

On a heavily burned piece of paper found in the enormous bullet chute, the following words can be barely read: ‘That’s an order. The commander’s decision is as quick and irreversible as a shot or the sound of a bolt in a weapon.

An order instantly turns you into a precise and perfect weapon with a specific purpose and clear instructions.

The order takes all responsibility off of you. Dear Elzo, we will obey the order and we will return home. I promise you this.”

Installation guide


Unzip the archive, move the Data folder to the game directory with a replacement


Using the ForBlitz application, click the "Install" button

Mod doesn't work

For the automatic installation through our application to work, you need to install all the textures of the game to the internal memory of the device (not to the SD card).


If the mod does not work or it fails to install, please contact us in the VK group