[LESTA 11.1 / WG 11.1] Battle loading acceleration

Мододел ForBlitz

This modification will have a particularly good effect on weak devices and devices with a slow hard drive. It will not increase the number of FPS, but it will significantly speed up the loading process into battle!

It is recommended to install on Android using the Shizuku installation method (the installation speed is a hundred times higher).

 It is worth paying attention to the fact that when installing this mod, all remodeling will be replaced with standard game models (if desired, you can return them by simply re-installing the desired remodeling). It is for this reason that it is recommended to install the mod ON A CLEAN GAME CLIENT.

If the game crashes with the mod, you must install the mod additionally in the Documents/TanksBlitz/packs (Lesta) folder and in the AppData/Local/wotblitz/packs (Wargaming) folder

Installation guide


Unzip the archive, move the Data folder to the game directory with a replacement


Using the ForBlitz application, click the "Install" button

Mod doesn't work

For the automatic installation through our application to work, you need to install all the textures of the game to the internal memory of the device (not to the SD card).


If the mod does not work or it fails to install, please contact us in the VK group