Crew voice «A.Baluev»

Voice acting from Wargaming – New voices of Baluev and Merzlikin WOT

Crew voice «Arnold Schwarzenegger»

Unique voice acting from Arnold Schwarzenegger for World of Tanks This voice acting of the crew sounds in the English original dubbing.

Crew voice «Krutotenechka»

[18+] Voiceover crew «Akter»

The emotional, fun voice acting of the crew was cut from different streams of the popular player and former cybersportsman Actor. The streamer puts on a show on each of his broadcasts and the audience really likes it because he uses profanity and his fans really like it.On-air jokes The actor composes on the go and fans love his sense of humor and special demeanor on streams.

Postal 3 crew voice acting

Pumpkin Panic Voiceover

[18+] Crew voice acting from Dmitry Puchkov (Goblin)

This modification will add the voice acting of the Goblin, or Dmitry Puchkov. Many original phrases, but not for everyone. There is a mat, 18+● For the mod to work correctly in the game settings, you must turn off the national voice acting, if it is enabled.

Voice acting «Far Far Away kingdom (Koschei the Deathless)»

Voice acting «Far Far Away kingdom (baba yaga)»

Music in the research tree hangar World of Tanks

The modification adds nice music to the hangar from the big tanks development tree!

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