Voice of the Sherlock Holmes crew

Our favorite game has already existed for quite a long time and quite a few mods, voiceovers and other additions have already been made to it. But modders don’t want to stop and delight you with new modifications. This time we invite you to familiarize yourself with the new voice acting of the crew using phrases from Holmes and Watson

Voice crew «Anton Shastun»

Anton Shastun is one of the members of the Improvisers team. He has a wonderful sense of humor, easily comes up with jokes and funny situations on the go, and from that moment on he also became a tank commander! His witty phrases will plunge the defeated enemy into a stupor and amuse him even in a battle! WARNING: Voice acting contains profanity. Not recommended for installation by persons under 16 years of age. The voice acting is suitable for tankers who are bored to death with the original voice acting and for everyone who wants to get new impressions of the game.

Female crew voice acting from MicroMeow

This voiceover of the crew will cheer you up with its caustic phrases, and will also not let you get bored even if the team is lost. There are not many phrases in the voice acting, but let’s hope that the author will add even more perky and informative phrases to it in the future.

Voice acting by the crew of Koschey the Powerless.

Koschey the Powerless – King in a jester’s cap. Another fan voiceover of the crew from the Kingdom of Shadows event – Koschey the Powerless.

Crew voice of the crew Tiran Tsarevich

Tyrant Prince is one of the five commanders of the “Kingdom of Shadows” event.

Voice acting of the Big Race crew

Informative voice acting of the crew Big races from the developers of the game World of Tanks. Meet the very cool voice acting of the crew from the “Great Race” mode, popular among many players.

English voice acting Steel Foxes

This is another creation of this famous studio. Previously, we have already posted voice-overs of the crew performed by them (Katyusha, atmospheric voice-over). All of them are very popular even now. Well, why be surprised here, Strategic Music is a well-known game dubbing company and everything they do is a masterpiece

Voice acting Kingdom of Shadows – Katrina

The kingdom of shadows. Developers from Lesta Games presented a new event for World of Tanks – “Kingdom of Shadows”. It is dedicated to the upcoming Halloween and is largely based on Slavic folklore.

[18+] Voiceover crew «Angry schoolboy»

Author: Hell’sParadise

[18+] Voiceover crew «Cyberpunk 2077»

Author: Hell’sParadise

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