Voiceover crew «Tank Delivery»

A unique and inimitable voice-over of the crew from the Turri&Lieksa Streaming channel. Sasha Turry and Nastya Lleksa recorded a cool voice acting with elements of Jewish humor that will not leave even the most demanding players indifferent.

Crew voices from the Metro

All phrases are taken from the Metro game. The voiceover contains all the funniest phrases with the most appropriate events for them.

Voiceover crew «Aria»

The new voice acting of the crew of the rock legends of the Aria group for WoT Blitz. The famous Aria group in January 2024, together with Lesta Games, presented a collaboration in the World of Tanks. In Blitz, this event was bypassed, but the author of the modification decided to eliminate this small injustice and adapted it for our favorite Blitz. The crew includes commander Mikhail Zhitnyakov, gunner Vladimir Kholstin, mechwarrior Sergei Popov, loader Vitaly Dubinin.

Crew voice Tom Clancy’s EndWar

The new voice acting of the crew from the game Tom Clancy’s EndWar2, the voice acting came out great, and thanks to the pungent, humorous phrases of the crew, this sound mod will give you a lot of positive emotions

New crew voice from Portal 2

All the phrases of the voiceover are performed by the manic supercomputer GLaDOS and Caroline prototype GLaDOS. In almost all phrases there is sparkling humor in funny statements.

Voice acting of the War Thunder crew

New voice acting of the War Thunder crew for WoT Blitz. This new and informative crew voice acting will give your game a new sound and give you a lot of positive emotions.

Unique children’s voice acting of the crew

Funny children’s voice acting of the crew for WoT Blitz from the Armor_TV stream community.

Voice acting of the Steel Hunter crew

The voice acting of the crew turned out to be quite informative, which gives our game a more realistic atmosphere. At the beginning of the battle, the commander will encourage you with phrases for victory; when criticizing enemy modules, you will hear the characteristic sound of a crit bell before the phrase. We hope you really enjoy this crew voiceover.

Voice of the Sherlock Holmes crew

Our favorite game has already existed for quite a long time and quite a few mods, voiceovers and other additions have already been made to it. But modders don’t want to stop and delight you with new modifications. This time we invite you to familiarize yourself with the new voice acting of the crew using phrases from Holmes and Watson

Female crew voice acting from MicroMeow

This voiceover of the crew will cheer you up with its caustic phrases, and will also not let you get bored even if the team is lost. There are not many phrases in the voice acting, but let’s hope that the author will add even more perky and informative phrases to it in the future.

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