SkyGFX Extended Edition PC

Мододел ForBlitz

This mod is only for Desktop! It will not work on mobile devices!

Own advanced SkyGFX graphics setup from the GTA team!
The purpose of this mod is to update GTA SA graphics without using ENB and get a beautiful picture.

List of changes:
-The effects have been updated and new rain effects have appeared.
-The draw distance and traffic loading distance have been increased.
-Lights, reflections, shadows have appeared.
-The time cycle has been changed.

1. Open with any archiver SkyGFX+Effects.rar
2. From the SkyGFX+Effects folder of the same name, move the files to the root folder of your GTA San Andreas.
3. Graphics mod installed.

Idea, release preparation:

Other authors, including links to sources, are listed in a text file inside the archive.