Disabling ranks «OFF-GetRank»

The modification disables forced rank above the ‘battle’ button and automatic rank in the tank’s characteristics.

[LESTA] Old containers opening

Not everyone liked the new animation of containers. This mod allows you to return the old animation of opening containers.

Collection of Russian localizations from geuonne

General The mod contains 6 localizations, 4 of which are various string transformations, 2 are manual patching.What the assembly contains: I) Russian (bNOPNYa) [ru_bnopnya]Localization based on Russian, which changes the text so that from the word “Question” we get the word “bNOPNYa”, known in Internet circles. II) Russian (KOI7) [ru_koi7]English-based localization, which displays English text in KOI7 encoding, which is the source of the “INJALID DEZHICE” phenomenon. For example: “M-VII-Yoh” -> “M-ZHII-YOH”, “Supremacy” -> “Supremacy”. III) Russian (old school) [ru_old] Localization based on Russian:1) Replaces the names of tanks with names from the BB, if possible from older versions of the BB and with an emphasis on ancient announcements of future branches of the BB (“SU-101” -> “Uralmash-1”, “Pz. IV G” -> “PzIV”)2) Replaces the names of most tanks of the Team Nation with technical ones (for example, Pharaoh -> PzMummy)3) Removes the names of legendary camouflages in tanks (but there are exceptions, for example “Skorpion” / “Skorpion G”)4) Corrects some deviations from the VG canon (for example, “Object 244”, with the existence of “Ob. 140”, “Ob. 263”… “Object 244” -> “Ob. 244”) IV) Russian (ideal) [ru_perfect] Localization based on Russian:1) Makes names edible even with legendary camouflages/clones (for example, “Blasteroid” -> “TOG II* Blasteroid”)2) For each nation, legendary camouflages are now, if possible, named in the native language of the tank (with the exception of China and Japan, where the names are in English)3) Corrects some deviations from the VG canon (for example, “Object 244”, with the existence of “Ob. 140”, “Ob. 263”… “Object 244” -> “Ob. 244”)4) Gives some tanks more historical names (for example, Škoda P-JS -> Tygr (P) Škoda)5) Makes other changes to the names that the author considers necessary. V) Russian (wrong layout) [ru_punto]English-based localization, which displays English text as if it were typed on a standard Russian QWERTY keyboard. For example: “GSOR 1008” -> “Pyschk 1008”, “BATTLE!” -> “IFEEDU!” (Nifyodov???? :o). VI) Russian (spent) [ru_promt]Localization based on Russian, in which the text is translated into many languages, and at the end translated back into Russian. For example: “TOG II” -> “clothing“, “Maus” -> “Luggage”, “AMX M4 49” -> “ah”, “B-C 25 t”-> “25 BC” “. We hope it brings you a lot of positive emotions :p Known Issues:1) The premium store does not work in custom localization, synchronization errors will pop up in the hangar for a couple of minutes and then all the contents of the premium store will disappear (but there will be no advertisements for offers in the hangar). For purchases, switch back to the standard ru-localization.2) Dates have a different format (not DD.MM.YYYY,a MM/DD/YYYY)3) In Tanks Blitz (Lesta) there will be a choice of other real languages ​​that exist only in WG. An attempt to install them will lead to the installation of the standard Russian language. Authors:1) geuonne – the process of auto-assembling all locales, idea from ru_promt, ru_punto, ru_bnopnya2) alexxxxx02 – providing strings for ru_old, ru_perfect, idea ru_promt3) Ma3oXVICT – idea of ​​ru_koi7

[11.0 LESTA | 11.1 WG] Hidden Tanks «Extended Tech Tree»

You can’t buy tanks from the mod. And then it won’t work either. And we will not be able to make it possible to buy them. Not at all. Just look.

[*] Colored hit-markers (decals)

Penetration marks (colored) for easier recognition of hit markers.

New hit sprites (decals)

New piercing effects, which were made entirely by hand, are aimed at creating a “WOW” effect. Missed projectiles, hot metal will not give you advantages in battle, but will definitely add new colors to what is happening WotBlitz.

Detailed PBR-grass [4K]

Replaces grass with better quality on maps in a new visual quality on high quality objects and terrain

White corpses of tanks

To your attention: a mod that paints the corpses of tanks in white.