Restyling «Cloudy Castilla»

The design of this map has been changed from bright and sunny to dim and cloudy. The lighting, some visual effects and the weather have been changed. It’s raining on the map right now. Added effects:– Rain particles on high graphics.– Lightning flashes behind the map.– Dust from gusts of wind.– Visual effects of water.

Restyling of the Alpenstadt “Horrorstadt” map

A fully restored and redesigned version of the Horrorstadt map. Particles, lighting, all visual effects are restored on the map, the atmosphere and the location of objects are preserved as on the original map. From what can be singled out separately:– Added lighting sources.– It is possible to destroy the added objects.– Environment effect, fireflies are flying on the map.– Added additional details. (New objects)

Map restyling «Evening Rudniki»

Mines map restyling in evening style

Restyling «Evening Baltic Shield»

Have you ever been away from the city at night? Total darkness, no lights, strange sounds – horror, and nothing more. Welcome to the evening “Baltic Shield”, for WoT Blitz players this is also a reminder of Halloween 2015. Then the first of its kind “Frankenstein” gathered, and every day woke up in a dark hangar … Next to you was a house in which, perhaps, a scientist and a created monster and many other paranormal people suffered in honor of All Saints’ Day. But you could change the history of Baltic Shield events in Halloween style! This mod will surely give you a little bit of experienced Blitz! Well, let’s go back to battle – the events of the Baltic Shield! Contributors: Qirashi Mintos, MuRaMiHa

[*] Map restyling «Fort of Eternal Conflict»

This year, Wargaming did not please us with special restyled maps in the style of Halloween. We decided to fix this bug! Meet – “Fort of Eternal Confrontation”! On this map, you did not meet Halloween paraphernalia and frightening properties. But here you must watch in the midst of the great battle of Light and Darkness, which came together in an eternal struggle for the right to reign on earth. We, natural mortals, cannot somehow consume at the end of this confrontation, which has lasted as long as the Earth has existed – but we can endlessly enjoy the incredible beauties that the change of Day and Night gives us.

[*] Map restyling «Morning Faust»

After conducting a survey in our communities, the card “Morning Faust” won, well, meet! Morning Faust is now available for download! On Faust, the long night finally ended and the long-awaited morning came. Now the map will not put you to sleep, but charge you for new exploits!

[*] Map restyling «Rainy New-Bay»

Map restyling «Rainy Idle»

[*] Map restyling «‎Old Careers»

Map restyling «‎Morning Karelia»

Karelia map restyling

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