Crew voice “The Last Waffentrager 2020”

The voiceover, which I secretly used for more than a month, is now available for general use. I don’t even have anything to say here, just watch the video and feel the power of this powerful voice of a true tanker fighting against his sworn enemy – Max von Krieger. Epic commentary on any events in battle is guaranteed to you. Have a nice game!

Voice crew «Anton Shastun»

Anton Shastun is one of the members of the Improvisers team. He has a wonderful sense of humor, easily comes up with jokes and funny situations on the go, and from that moment on he also became a tank commander! His witty phrases will plunge the defeated enemy into a stupor and amuse him even in a battle! WARNING: Voice acting contains profanity. Not recommended for installation by persons under 16 years of age. The voice acting is suitable for tankers who are bored to death with the original voice acting and for everyone who wants to get new impressions of the game.

Crew voice «Pyotr Lopakhin»

Pyotr Lopakhin is the commander of the Varyag tank from the Steel Hunter mode in the World of Tanks. Now he freely conquers the battlefields in the mobile version of tanks and took command of your vehicles! Let the powerful and confident baritone show you the way to victory!

Crew voice «Demis Karibidis»

Demis Karibidis is the person without whom the Comedy Club cannot be imagined. A first-class actor, producer and showman has now taken control of your technique and is ready to hit the enemy with sharp jokes, shouts and puns.

Crew voice «KHARLAMOV»

I am happy to share with you my first project – the voice acting of the Kharlamov crew. We all know this professional, funny and charismatic actor and showman. Now he has taken command of your equipment and will delight you with spectacular and even familiar phrases.