[11.0 LESTA / 11.1 WG] Modpack BB

— I am glad to present to you my modpack, created more than a year ago! On a PC, the installation is performed by a special automatic installer. It includes the following modifications: — Crew voice acting, sounds of shots, hits, reloading, loading music into battle, button pressing sounds and other sound effects from Big Brother (World of Tanks)— Changed the interface in battle (moved the interface from BB)— Changed hangar icons from V_Solflare— Custom hangar and battle effects— Changed flags— Repeat Mod— Lighting lamp from BB— Loading screens in the game— 2 sets of sights from BB on PC— Loading screens from BB— Minimalistic hangar to choose from— Circles of light on the minimap — ATTENTION! Mod pack for ANDROID and PC is different! Some mods work only when sewn into the APK. This cannot be implemented for automatic installation!— ATTENTION TO THOSE WHO DO NOT TRUST THE INSTALLER! Just don’t download it and don’t open it. So far, no 1 person has proven that I am allegedly “spreading Trojans”. The reasons for such a reaction of antivirus programs are the lack of a signature and the application. I don’t have the money to pay for the signature every month!— THE BUILD IS TEMPORARILY NOT AVAILABLE ON ANDROID!!!

Scope «WoT PC»

Ported scope from WoT PC (BB)

[*] Прицел «World of Tanks»

[*] Прицел «Circle 4 Solid»

Прицел – “Круг” (сплошной). Удобный минималистичный прицел-точка для WoT Blitz.

[*] Scope from WoT v2

Ported scope from WoT PC. In game changes second and third place

Remodeling Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque «Nord»

The usual HD model on which you can put any camouflage, by installing the Legendary camouflage, the model will change, body kits will be added and the skin will change. A French tank project developed by Batignolles-Chatillon. The car was supposed to receive a double turret modified for the installation of a 105-mm cannon. It was not produced in metal.

Remodeling IS-7 «Granite»

The Granite style for the IS-7 is from the reality in which this heavy tank was adopted and 10-15 years later was upgraded to participate in large—scale offensive operations with the use of nuclear weapons. The IS-7 is equipped with a thermal imager, an integrated surveillance device, headlights and a searchlight system.

Remodeling «E 75 HD»

German heavy tank of the ninth level, has excellent frontal armor. He feels confident both in defense and on the edge of attack. In 1945, the E 75 was supposed to become the main German heavy tank, replacing the Tiger II, but work on the tank did not go beyond the preliminary design stage.

Remodeling «Jagdpanzer E100 Panzerschiff »

“So leave the technicians from the workshop unattended. I spent only two weeks in the hospital – and they have already remade our self-propelled gun beyond recognition. No, of course, I’m glad that the car is still alive and in the ranks, but are you sure that we need all this? First, at the factory, they give us almost a ship’s gun, now something similar to a sea searchlight appears on the roof of the cabin. What next, propellers in the stern? And then the order to relocate to the Baltic Sea and start hunting for British convoys? After the “concrete train idea”, I won’t be surprised by anything. These can. Yes, they can…”

Female voiceover from World of Tanks

Female voice acting of the crew from BB. It is recommended to enable national voice acting in the game settings.

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