Six sense «Red Triangle»

The modification changes the standard sixth sense to a large and noticeable red triangle! By the way, many World of Tanks players play with him!

Six sense «Logo Jove»

This mod will change the illumination lamp to the sixth sense like one of the most popular watermakers – Jove!

Sixsense lamp «Redshire Cat» from WoT

Another guest from the World of Tanks New Year Offensive! Now, instead of a light lamp, a fluffy cat will appear, and at the same time make meowing sounds 🙂

Sixsense Lamp «Dog Chaffee» from BB

This mod will change the stock lighting lamp to a cute dog named Chaffee, who came to WoT Blitz straight from the New Year offensive in big brother! When you are detected, a dog will appear on the screen and bark cutely) Now he will play tanks with you 🙂

Six sense lamps from WoT

The mod replaces the usual and boring 6-sense lamp with a more pleasant one from the BB

Six sense lamp «Yumi» from League of Legends

Six sense lamp «WARNING»

Port of six sense lamp from World of Tanks

Modified Sixth Sense Lamp

Надоела старая лампа засвета? Этот мод поможет разнообразить игру. Со-автор: Revandrunchik