[LESTA] Old containers opening

Not everyone liked the new animation of containers. This mod allows you to return the old animation of opening containers.

Old fonts [Lesta PC Only]

ONLY FOR PC. Returns the old fonts as before the 10.11 update. Some elements may not match completely, because many things were changed manually by the developers to match the new fonts!

Compact storage

Changes the storage view from grid to list. Also affects Lesta’s customization menu in profile.

Pick random tank button

Picks random tank from your carousel. Works with filters!

[10.7 LESTA] MoreTanks

Hidden tanks in tech tree

Two rowed tank carousel

All tank states are taken into account up to temporarily premiumized. The birthday icon is not the same on PC and Android due to the problems of mobile version!

Replace rank with mastery

This mod replaces ranks with the best mark of mastery of the selected tank in inventory panel (which is above tank carousel). “Ace”s have their own counter! **BUT!!!** Mod does not remove the rank system, that means if you click on mastery it will still redirect you to the rank page.

Poco X3 Prо instead of ammunition

Replaces all standard projectile icons on the Poco X3 Pro phone.

Player profile interface before patch 9.8

This mod was made at the request of a friend to return the profile interface to patch 9.8. But the mod also improves the profile interface in some places:1) Date of account creation in your own profile2) Ability to navigate while previewing profile background3) Fewer unnecessary elements (for example, currency and a store button),empty spaces4) The “Message” button in your profile. You can write to yourself, add yourself as a friend, and even blacklist yourself! I haven’t seen any more interesting interactions yet, or they don’t work

New HUD controls

Changed: new joystick, auto-sight icons, sniper mode icon, shot button.

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