Remodeling B-C Bourrasque «EBR-105 Hot Rod»

It has an animation of engine shaking (the intensity of the shaking depends on the speed of the tank), and also has a fiery exhaust from the engine pipes.

Remodeling FV215b (183) «Tesla»

Feel the power of future technology with the FV215b 183 “Tesla” – a formidable artillery tank possessing unique electrical force. Glowing ionization coils strikingly contrast with the dark armor, creating an impressive appearance reminiscent of military experiments in high technology. The confidential developments and technical specifications unavailable to the public make this tank a subject of great interest for military experts. Enhanced targeting systems and combat capabilities give this tank unparalleled effectiveness on the battlefield. Get ready for a new level of power – welcome to the future of armored vehicles! Authors: V_Solflare, XomkA, Qirashi, drnkwtr

Body kit «Timon»

This mod is inspired by one of the most beloved cartoon characters, Timon. Timon is a small and fearless meerkat, full of energy and optimism. The Timon body kit adds a bright and playful atmosphere to the game, giving players the opportunity to take this character with them into tank battles! Especially for t1m0n_exe

[*] Джойстик 360-градусов из «Tank Company Mobile»

[11.0 LESTA / 11.1 WG] Gun Sounds from WoT (World of Tanks)

New sounds of guns from BB WoT. Proper gun calibers works only for PC (technical limitations)

Body kit «Micro-Dok»

A small but faithful companion in the form of a woman who will always be there!

[*] Colored hit-markers (decals)

Penetration marks (colored) for easier recognition of hit markers.

Remodeling «Chieftain Mk.6 HD»

Remodeling «Т-54 HD»

Remodeling «T95E6 HD»

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