[*] Джойстик 360-градусов из «Tank Company Mobile»

[10.3] TepmuT modpack

Meet the updated version of the modpack from Termit! TepmuT channel youtube

Body kit «Micro-Dok»

A small but faithful companion in the form of a woman who will always be there!

[*] Colored hit-markers (decals)

Penetration marks (colored) for easier recognition of hit markers.

Remodeling «Chieftain Mk.6 HD»

Remodeling «Т-54 HD»

Remodeling «T95E6 HD»

Remodeling «Object 263 HD»

Remodeling AMX 50 Foch (155)

Remodeling AMX M4 mle. 54 «Гасконец»

«And he could easily serve until retirement, then – a house somewhere near Toulon. A garden with paved paths, flowerbeds with geraniums, or whatever… Chess club on the weekends. Feed the pigeons. But no, they gave me a tank, they sent me to the end of the world in these endless ice, hold your questions, they say, you will find yourself in place – go for the platoon commander, he knows everything, explains and shows. On the spot it turned out that I was the platoon leader. I don’t like this expedition, I feel in my gut that instead of feeding the pigeons, I risk feeding the crows here. Are there crows here? Is there anything alive here? Why am I writing this, no one will read it anyway. When will this damn blizzard stop?»

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