Female voiceover crew «Crazy Foxy»

The author’s voice of the crew from the Crazy Foxy streamer will replace all standard phrases not only in World of Tanks, but also by your numerous requests in WoT Blitz.Funny and informative phrases will support you during the drain and cheer you up for the next victory in this nightmarish maternity hospital.

Deadpool crew voice acting

Very high-quality voice acting from a professional and one of the most famous Russian dubbing voices – Petr Ivashchenko. After all, it was he who voiced the character from  very popular comedy-fiction action movie “Deadpool”. We, tank lovers and spectators, remember him as a temporary host of an equally popular OSR program while Kirill Oreshkin was on vacation. The voice acting turned out to be very informative and at the same time funny, all dull standard phrases were replaced with invigorating and uplifting remarks that will not let you get bored throughout the battle.

Voiceover crew«Glad Valakas»

The candidate for the blitz 2022 from the people, Valery Albertovich Zhmyshenko, is tired that on such a beautiful day, namely, the day of his 54th anniversary celebration, all sorts of tankers do not let him calmly make a penetration with his elderly shell. Now, it is you who will be able to fulfill your grandfather’s wish! Fight together with your grandfather and don’t let him lose his mask.

Bloody «leKpz M 41 90 mm»

Remodeling «BC Bourrasque»

The Panhard EBR 105 is a variant of the Panhard EBR armored car with more powerful armament. The car received a reinforced undercarriage, a two-seat GIATTS 90 turret, modified to fit a 105-mm gun.

Remodeling «Chieftain Mk.6 HD»

Outside there is a low hull with a predatory shark nose and a ricochet tower hung with devices for all occasions of battle. A long-barreled gun with an ejector and in a thermally insulated casing is ready to make a leaky mockery of enemy armor.

Mad Max «T49»

New hit sprites (decals)

New piercing effects, which were made entirely by hand, are aimed at creating a “WOW” effect. Missed projectiles, hot metal will not give you advantages in battle, but will definitely add new colors to what is happening WotBlitz.

Remodel «T-100 LT»

Light tank of the USSR with a 3d model from WoT. Author’s page:

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