[UPD] Colored hit-markers (decals)

Penetration marks (colored) for easier recognition of hit markers.

White corpses of tanks

To your attention: a mod that paints the corpses of tanks in white.

Korean Random Zones 8.8

This modification is no longer updated and may have broken textures. To fix this, enable “Tank Quality” – > “High” in the graphics settings. With this mod you will be able to find out all the weaknesses of the enemy. This modification has an advantage over others, since it does not repaint the tank making it multicolored, but only puts neat marks in the form of white icons. We encourage you to download this modification from the original source! We do not claim authorship of this modification in any way! Link to the author’s project: https://iblitzmods.ru Last updated: 09.06.2021. Changes:– darkened skins of the Europa branch have been fixed– Other minor fixes Will they be banned for this mod? – No, this mod is not prohibited. The mod reflects the approximate location of the modules. The authorship of the skins: IBlitzMods

FPS unlock for PC [Steam]

This mod allows you to increase the number of fps (remove the limit of 60 frames). Only for PC! Preview author: Lucky Strike PC Installation: Go to the Documents, delete the DAVAProject folder Replace the Data folder in the game directory with the Data folder from the archive (move with replacement) Log in to the game and re-log in to your account