Bloody «leKpz M 41 90 mm»

Remodeling «Chieftain Mk.6 HD»

Outside there is a low hull with a predatory shark nose and a ricochet tower hung with devices for all occasions of battle. A long-barreled gun with an ejector and in a thermally insulated casing is ready to make a leaky mockery of enemy armor.

Mad Max «T49»

New hit sprites (decals)

New piercing effects, which were made entirely by hand, are aimed at creating a “WOW” effect. Missed projectiles, hot metal will not give you advantages in battle, but will definitely add new colors to what is happening WotBlitz.

Remodeling «Progetto M40 mod. 65»

The crown of Italian tank-building, the Projetto 65, fully reveals the potential of the game with a reloading mechanism. The style was transferred from WoT to Blitz and this is the first remodeling in this group that supports PBR textures on Android.

Hangar «Holland»

Ремоделинг «Leopard1»

Немецкий танк из игрового события Мирный 13. Теперь Леопард доступен и на телефоны! Со-автор: Yuji. Ссылка на сообщество автора:

«STG Guardsman» remodeling

➤ Tank of the USSR in a skin from WoT with PBR support on Steam. On Android, it’s just a beautiful model. Co-author: Qirashi

Лесной [T-22 medium]

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