Ремоделинг «Tiger ll “Schneide”» [Steam only]

Ремоделинг «Объект 268 Святогор» [Steam only]

Ремоделинг «CS 52 Lis» [Steam only]

[*] Ремоделинг «ХМ551 Саламандра (Ракетный)» [Steam only]

Автор: Sadabsolution

[*] Ремоделинг «Обьект 268/4 Шестопёр» [Steam only]

Автор: Sadabsolution

Remodeling «Е50 М Nimmermer» [Steam only]

Author: Sadabsolution

[*] Ремоделинг «FCM 50t»

Автор: SadAbsolution

SkyGFX Extended Edition PC

Description:Own advanced SkyGFX graphics setup from the GTA team ForBlitz.ru!The purpose of this mod is to update GTA SA graphics without using ENB and get a beautiful picture. List of changes:-The effects have been updated and new rain effects have appeared.-The draw distance and traffic loading distance have been increased.-Lights, reflections, shadows have appeared.-The time cycle has been changed. Installation:1. Open with any archiver SkyGFX+Effects.rar2. From the SkyGFX+Effects folder of the same name, move the files to the root folder of your GTA San Andreas.3. Graphics mod installed. Idea, release preparation:Fyrac. Authors:Other authors, including links to sources, are listed in a text file inside the archive.

Vandalize [Comet] [Steam Only]

Are you a wild street art fan? Then this camouflage is for you. This mod will change the standard texture of the British. Now it is a victim of a gang of local vandals. This coloring allows vehicles to easily blend into the walls of street alleys, and opponents try to stay away from you. P.S. The skin is completely unique, but references were repeatedly used in the process of creation, so you can easily find them on the Internet. In addition, AI specialized in improving the quality of the picture was applied, which made it possible to increase the resolution of the texture by 4 times. Android maybe

Expanding Warfare [Steam only]

Целью данного мода является обновление интерфейса, при этом в более освеженном стиле. В игре полностью сменятся экраны загрузки, поменяется цвет боковой панели, обновится кнопка “в бой!” и иконки режимов боя, а также новый дизайн обретет иконка загрузки. В дальнейшем мод будет дополняться Создание текстур: V_SolflareАдаптация в игру: Fyrac  Версия: beta 1.2.

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