[*] Remodeling «Not a single gap» [Т44-100]

Мододел ForBlitz

“Not a single gap” – ensuring stable communication on the battlefield is one of the most important tasks along with the supply of ammunition and food. Clear coordination of the actions of units has always been the key to victory, contributed to a significant reduction in losses and accelerated the implementation of tasks. No one envied the signalers at the front; they have always been a desirable target for enemy snipers, so the decision to secure such an important task as much as possible ultimately resulted in the creation of a specialized tank – a sufficiently protected vehicle capable of stretching a cable where no one can reach. Years passed, communications improved, wires and cables began to gradually disappear from it, but the T-44-100 remained a stable, unpretentious and reliable means of delivering communications to any point according to the order.”

Инструкция по установке


Распаковать архив, перенести папку Data в директорию игры с заменой


Используя приложение ForBlitz, нажать кнопку «Скачать»

Мод не работает

Для работоспособности автоматической установки через наше приложение, необходимо установить все текстуры игры во внутреннюю память устройства (не на SD-карту).


Если мод не работает или его не получается установить, свяжитесь с нами в ЛС сообщества VK