Female voiceover crew «Crazy Foxy»

The author’s voice of the crew from the Crazy Foxy streamer will replace all standard phrases not only in World of Tanks, but also by your numerous requests in WoT Blitz.Funny and informative phrases will support you during the drain and cheer you up for the next victory in this nightmarish maternity hospital.

Deadpool crew voice acting

Very high-quality voice acting from a professional and one of the most famous Russian dubbing voices – Petr Ivashchenko. After all, it was he who voiced the character from  very popular comedy-fiction action movie “Deadpool”. We, tank lovers and spectators, remember him as a temporary host of an equally popular OSR program while Kirill Oreshkin was on vacation. The voice acting turned out to be very informative and at the same time funny, all dull standard phrases were replaced with invigorating and uplifting remarks that will not let you get bored throughout the battle.

Voiceover crew«Glad Valakas»

The candidate for the blitz 2022 from the people, Valery Albertovich Zhmyshenko, is tired that on such a beautiful day, namely, the day of his 54th anniversary celebration, all sorts of tankers do not let him calmly make a penetration with his elderly shell. Now, it is you who will be able to fulfill your grandfather’s wish! Fight together with your grandfather and don’t let him lose his mask.

GuP Crew Voiceover (Rabbit Team)

~~ These Crew Voices Are From Original Game Girls And Panzer~~ This part of pack contains voice of Rabbit team

Voice of “Jevil” from Deltarune

This voice acting was most likely created for an amateur Demonstration: https://youtu.be/6BgMjstaj_U This is already the second voice acting created by me

Voiceover crew «Botanist»

The author of the channel has a lot of characters in his performance, but for some reason everyone really liked the Nerd character because he is made of grandmother’s glasses and an old shirt, which gives his jokes their own unique humor and flavor.

Voiceover crew «Drug addict Pavlik»

All the events that the crew comments on in battle are announced: The beginning of the battle – “Every man for himself”; The light of the enemy – “What kind of car?”; Hits – “Brother, isn’t it going to fall apart now? Nishtyak!”; And many other phrases for each event;

Crew voiceover «Escape from Tarkov»

SCAV’s voiceover from the game Escape from Tarkov

Crew voiceover «Soviet comedies»

Chic and nostalgic crew voice acting Soviet Comedies for WoT Blitz

Озвучка выстрелов «Громовые орудия»

Скачав и установив один раз мод громовые орудия вы очень надолго останетесь с ними и будете с нетерпением ждать его адаптации каждый новый патч. Такая их популярность была приобретена не спроста. Звуки, которые использованы в этой озвучке действительно намного круче и ярче чем стандартный аналог. Если вы их включите на хороших колонках, то поверьте, все ваши соседи будут знать, что вы играете в танки.  Подписывайтесь на канал автора видео, ведь лишь благодаря Вашей активности, его модификации выходят и у нас!

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