Remodeling SY-122-54 «Lynx»

Soviet anti-tank self-propelled guns of the tenth level. It was distinguished by good maneuverability and excellent weapons, but extremely weak armor.

IGR Hangar | Hangar in the cave

Transferred and recreated in Wot hangar from BB in the cave. There are no special clickable components in the hangar, but lighting, particles and some visual effects have been restored. The hangar was created jointly with XomKa.

Remodeling IS-4 «Newt»

Soviet heavy tank of the tenth level. Although the IS-4 loses to the IS-7 in mobility and maneuverability, frontal armor protection and one—time damage, but it also has its advantages – the side armor is much stronger, the gun has a higher armor penetration rate, better accuracy and rate of fire, as well as more strength points.

[9.8] ModPack BB (WoT)

— I am glad to present to you my Modpack, created more than a year ago! On a PC, the installation is performed by a special automatic installer. It includes the following modifications: — Crew voice acting, sounds of shots, hits, reloading, music loading into battle, button pressing sounds and other sound effects from Big Brother (World of Tanks)— Modified interface in battle (Ported interface from BB)— Modified icons in the hangar from V_Solflare— Custom effects in the hangar and in battle— Modified flags— Replay mod— Illumination lamp from BB— Loading screens in the game— 2 sets of sights from BB on PC— Loading screens from BB— Minimalistic Hangar to choose from— Port of stripes from BB— Circles of light on the minimap— Joystick from BB from V_Solflare (On Android) Recent changes: [27.03.2023].— Modpack is available on: [Steam, LGC, WGC, Android].— On Android, the build may be different!!!— Update for version: [9.8].— For additional questions: — Who has departures, go to the PC in “Documents” and delete: “DAVAProject” and “packs”. Then delete the folders from the cache: “Configs”, “Fonts”, “Message Filters”, “UI”, “XML” and all files, not folders, but files that are there. After that, go to the game itself on Android and restore all the files. On the PC, too, to check the game files and check the stability of the client without Mods. After trying to install the modpack.

Remodeling T54E2 «Renegade»

It was developed in the first half of the 1950s as part of a project to create a new medium tank to replace the M48. A prototype was built. In 1957, all work was curtailed in favor of the T95 tank. He was not in service.

Remodeling «IS-6 Black HD»

A set of sights from WOT

— Sight from the console version of tanks for World of Tanks Blitz. Replaces arcade and sniper sights in all 3 types of sights: A-Shaped, Dot, Crosshair. — Sights are ported from BB, but slightly edited. The circle of information is green, seamless. It stands out more than usual in the areas of armor illumination and does not merge with objects on the map. — If the usual method of removing mods on Android did not work, manually delete the UI folder in the game cache.

Remodeling IS-3 «Pike»

A Soviet heavy tank of the eighth level, designed for assault or flank attacks. It has excellent armor, good speed, powerful weapons with long reduction and low accuracy, poor visibility and poor declination of the gun down.

Remodeling Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque «Nord»

The usual HD model on which you can put any camouflage, by installing the Legendary camouflage, the model will change, body kits will be added and the skin will change. A French tank project developed by Batignolles-Chatillon. The car was supposed to receive a double turret modified for the installation of a 105-mm cannon. It was not produced in metal.

Remodeling IS-7 «Granite»

The Granite style for the IS-7 is from the reality in which this heavy tank was adopted and 10-15 years later was upgraded to participate in large—scale offensive operations with the use of nuclear weapons. The IS-7 is equipped with a thermal imager, an integrated surveillance device, headlights and a searchlight system.

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