Detailed PBR-grass [4K]

Replaces grass with better quality on maps in a new visual quality on high quality objects and terrain

Body kit «Padoru»

Replaces pumpkin

Body kit «Knuckles – Uganda»

At maximum speed, the huyak went around and you stand fucking… Well, why the hell did you get up?!” “They are bypassing us from the rear! RELOADING! COVER ME! Enemy in the northeast! Enemy northwest! They threaten from the southeast! Enemy spotted in the southwest.


Textures are generated by the no less wise Stable Diffusion neural networkReplaces body kit «Pumpkin»

Camouflage «Mysterious QR code»

Replaces camouflage “rocky soil”What link does it lead to?)

[*] Korben Dallas game settings

Optimal settings that do not distract from the gameplay and add fps in Tank Company.These settings are used by Korben Dallas from WoT

[*] FPS unlock [TKM]

This modification increases the maximum fps value in the game to 165 (instead of the standard 60). Please note This modification consumes a charge when playing, and may also cause contamination of the device. After installing the mod, all settings will be set to “minimum”. You can customize them for yourself, EXCEPT for the FPS counter: otherwise, the unlock will disappear and it will be 60 fps again. ALL SETTINGS WILL BE RESETED AFTER MOD INSTALLING!

[*] Джойстик Восьминаправленный из «Tank Company Mobile»